Growing up experiencing seemingly unrelated events, Denise has lived a varied and interesting life. Born in Hollywood, California, her history includes being a certified SCUBA Rescue Diver and Instructor, an actress, an EMT nurse, a Marine Biologist, an Interior Designer, and Alkaline Chef.

However, her greatest joy in life has been to be a mother. That role shifted when her son joined the U.S. Marine Corps. It was then she decided to return to her first passion: acting, and here she remains, 13 years later.

Denise began her voiceover training in 2005, and continues to study with the top VO teachers, coaches and talent in the business.

She brings the wisdom of her life experiences with her to every voice she performs. Denise is the loving mom, the wise sibling, the engaging storyteller, the loyal friend, the care-taker daughter, the gracious hostess, and the hard-working, common sense savvy gal.

In addition to audiobooks, narration, and commercials, Denise’s career in the voiceover industry includes over 95 premier local, national, and international VO event productions and webinars. She has participated on every level. From volunteering to Executive Producer, Denise has had the pleasure and privilege to know, and work with the finest group of people to be found in any industry. www.ladyd3.com

Currently, Denise is the Producer of the Ask Joe Career Forums, with Joe Cipriano, and the Joe Cipriano Promo Master Class. Joe is well-known and highly respected in the voiceover industry as a voice artist, author, teacher, and mentor. www.joeciprianoconsulting.com, www.promomasterclass.com

With gratitude in her heart and a smile on her face, Denise finds purpose and meaning in her life through her faith, family, friends and work, always seeking the greater good for others, and the deeper understanding for herself.